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Rinse and Repeat


Day 39

The day after you receive your invoice is the day we will charge your payment. If you have a large number of deletions and have a high balance, DON’T WORRY, we only charge a maximum of $100 per month for an individual and $150 per month for a couple. This way you can pay out your balance over time with no extra fees or interest.

Day 1

YOU GET STARTED! You made the choice to get on the right track and get your credit file in order. We are glad you’re here and we can’t wait to do all we can to help you reach your credit goals.

Day 2

WELCOME! Usually, you will get a call the day after you start your service with us from one of our dedicated staff members. They will ask if you have any additional questions and let you know the next steps in your credit repair process.

Day 3

Hopefully, by day three you will have provided us access to your credit monitoring account and our staff will be combing through it line by line so we know exactly what steps to take in order to give you the best results possible.

Day 4

Usually by this point, your audit is complete and delivered to you… It is at this time that your Audit Fee will be charged. When your Audit fee clears, your file is sent to our processing team to begin the credit repair process.

Day 5

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Day 6-37

This is where the real work happens… Bureaus are conducting investigations, Creditors are checking info, and Collection Agencies are validating accounts. You will begin receiving responses from these different entities. We need copies of the mail you get via your client portal, via email or via fax. It allows us to move forward with your file.

Day 38

This is the BIG day… this is the first time we review for changes on the report. We will know if the collection agencies or creditors have removed or repaired the items on which you chose for us to work on.   ***Note: If you’ve chosen the Flex Plan (Pay Per Delete), you will get an invoice with a full breakdown of all deletions and repairs that we’ve obtained for you. Review this invoice and keep a copy for your...


Good credit is a lot like trust it takes years to build but can crumble in minutes. Nonetheless, having a poor or bad credit score rating ranking isn’t the tip of the world. For individuals who are merely keen in working hard to improve their credit score, then they definitely have already started. Now, you’re probably going to ask how long it takes to rebuild your credit score? The true answer is “it varies.” What Impacts Your Credit Score? There are a lot of various factors in determining your credit worthiness...